Gary Abernatha - Chairman
Ray Lewis - Vice Chairman
John Blair


Pat Johnson


Carrie Stine

Certified Mail Delivery:

Address to:
Gary Abernatha, Chairman Supervisor
Plunketts Creek Township
12362 Wallis Run Rd.
Trout Run, PA 17771

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Welcome to Plunketts Creek Township!

News and Events for 2014

The Plunketts Creek Emergency Management will be conducting a test on its Emergency Notification System on Sunday, August 17th. Residents and their family members who filled out and returned the emergency notification form will be receiving a phone call (this will include home and cell phone) with a brief message. This will show up as Plunketts Creek and the fire departments phone number (478-2001). This test will allow us to see how the system will function in an emergency situation, test different functions and data, and allow our residents to experience how this system will contact them and their emergency contact family members during an emergency. More information and forms can be found by clicking Emer. Mgt. at the top or by going to Emergency Notification System.

We will be updating both the EMA and Fire Department Facebook's to include information. They can be found at:

Plunketts Creek EMA Facebook

Plunketts Creek Fire Departments Facebook

Please use the emergency management email for any questions or comments Plunketts Creek Twp EMA Email

Plunketts Creek Township has a newly elected Supervisor and tax collector!

Please join us in welcoming:

John Blair, Supervisor
574 Lower Barbours Rd
Williamsport, PA 17701

Gregory Moyer, Tax Collector
2143 Hoppestown Road
Williamsport, Pa 17701

Greg's office hours are: April 16, 17, 23, 28 & 30 2pm - 8pm;
April 26 12pm - 5pm or by appt.
Contact: Email: (570) 478-2204 voicemail box #3
Reminder: Discount Period End's April 30th!!!

Do you have an article for the spring newsletter? If so please contact the township secretary at or call 570-478-2292

Any Questions or Comments regarding township business contact the Office Email or for anything related to the website please use the webmaster link. Both Emails links are on the right side and bottom of this page. Thank you

Φ Volunteers are always needed please support your township and volunteer your free time –contact the Plunketts Creek Township Supervisors or the Plunketts Creek Township Fire Company to sign up.

Office Hours:
Thu. 5:30pm-7:30pm
or by appt.
Phone: (570) 478-2231
Office Email:
Webmaster's Email:

JVB Library Link
Tue. & Thr. 6pm-8pm
Sat. 10am-1pm


Board of Supervisors
Held at the Township Building starting at 7pm on:
January 6; February 3; March 3; April 7; May 5; June 2; July 7; August 4; August 25; October 6; November 3; December 1; December 29; January 5, 2015

Road Inspection
Starting at 8am from the Township Building on: April 5 & October 4

Recreation Commission
Held at the Twp Building starting at 7pm on:
January 20; March 17; April 21; May 19; June 9; July 21; August 18; September 15; October 20; November 17; December 15, 2014.

Planning Commission
Held at the Township Building when there are subdivisions to be reviewed starting at 7pm on:
January 15; February 19; March 19; April 16; May 21; June 18; July 16; August 20; September 17; October 15; November 19; December 17, 2014.

Zoning Hearing Board
Scheduled as needed. Refer to the Williamsport Sun-Gazette for meeting announcements.